Welcome to Half-Barrels.co.uk

Delivered to your door as quickly as we can get them ready usually on a next day delivery service.

For floral displays or even for growing your vegetables at a height to save your back. They have held wine or whiskey so can be selected to hold water.
We can supply whole barrels in all barrel types as all half barrels are only cut to order. Please email us for a delivered price for whole barrels or get a guide by doubling the half barrel prices. If you have any query it is always best to email us in the first place as being internet based helps to keep our prices low and wherever we are we always try to monitor e-mails. If you do wish to talk to us we will happily phone you if you provide us with a name and contact number and convenient times for us to do this. Our normal hours are 8am - 9pm every day.

When we are cutting we are away from the office.

Please note that there are extra delivery charges for some areas in the UK. We do not export. barrels.

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